Gaiam announced the release of its Yoga Rising Series available exclusively on iTunes. Yoga Rising is an innovative instructional yoga series, created specifically for the digital marketplace. The first three releases in the Yoga Rising Series feature three future rock stars of yoga — Two Fit Moms, Patrick Beach and Faith Hunter.

Yoga Rising marks Gaiam’s first digital-only yoga program. The series, along with its featured yogis, support the brand’s market position to make yoga easily accessible to everyone.

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“Yoga Rising is unlike anything Gaiam has done before,” said Susan Haney, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Gaiam. “The series is about celebrating yoga in the new age. Each of these talented yogis has built an impressive brand in the digital space, giving them a platform to share their unique practice with a huge group of followers across a wide demographic. With our exclusive debut on iTunes, we hope to extend that reach even further.”

The Yoga Rising Series not only will offer cutting-edge yoga content from up-and-coming instructors, but it also gives consumers access to these practices via any connected device. Providing an alternative to traditional yoga classes or DVDs, Yoga Rising gives consumers the ability to take their yoga class with them-on the road, outdoors or at home.

Each of these first three releases in the Yoga Rising Series offers five unique practices (episodes), each approximately 30-40 minutes long. The practices can be purchased on iTunes for $2.99 HD per episode or as a season for just $9.99 HD.

To coincide with National Yoga Month, the Yoga Rising Series will be available exclusively on iTunes throughout September, and will then be available for download on and other select digital media channels thereafter.

About the Talent:

Two Fit Moms-Laura Kasperzak and Masumi Goldman are two 36-year-old moms from New Jersey who together have more than a million followers on Instagram. Their programs focus on balance, flow and stability. With practices for day and night, these Two Fit Moms will help you to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Prominent Pose: In Inversions 101, Laura and Masumi teach you how to kick your yoga up a notch! The program guides beginner yogis on how to attempt inversions and eliminate the fear of going upside-down on the mat.

Patrick Beach-Known for his fun and stylish handstand images on Tumblr and Instagram, this Vinyasa-style yogi applies his caring and intelligent teaching style to each yoga sequence. Patrick puts a unique spin on a variety of different poses to build body awareness, symmetry and balance.

Prominent Pose: In his class Funky Arm Variations, Patrick asks you to put your worst hand forward. The practice is designed to build body symmetry by using your non-dominant arm.

Faith Hunter-A yogi activist with more than 20 years of practice, Faith creates a dynamic yoga experience sure to free your mind and make you sweat! Blending various poses and practices, including Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Kundalini, Faith’s “Spiritually Fly” philosophy is a fresh yoga experience that celebrates life and your inner strength.

Prominent Pose: Faith’s Move Like Honey flow asks practitioners to “move with the rhythm of your soul.” This spiritual and physical exercise uses guided breathing to take the body through yoga poses that open the hips and chest to the sky.

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