Telemark adventurer and mountaineer Naheed Henderson will join G3 Genuine Guide Gear in the new role of Athlete Coordinator. Responsible for growing G3’s relationships with guides and athletes worldwide, Henderson will also be a part of G3’s team of sponsored athletes.

“Our goal from the beginning has always been to develop the gear that guides want,” said Oliver Steffen, president of G3. “We have worked with an outstanding team of backcountry guides, avalanche professionals and big mountain athletes because they represent the core roots of our brand. Naheed brings years of backcountry experience, earned credibility and a contagious enthusiasm to the new role of Athlete Coordinator. We are excited to have her growing our athlete/ambassador program.”

Henderson’s ski career began during her childhood in Vermont, and matured as she explored the mountains and backcountry of the world. As a coach, guide and explorer, Henderson’s prominence in the backcountry community continues to grow. Her telemark descent of Denali in the spring of 2006 and her plans for future telemark adventures reflect G3’s commitment to passion, innovation, and love for the backcountry experience.

“Naheed is a remarkably accomplished and intelligent mountain spirit,” said Backcountry Magazine Editor Adam Howard, who traveled with Henderson for a story written on Japan’s Kita Alps (“Lost in Transition,” Volume 12, Issue 51,October, 2006). “Few have Naheed’s knack for seeing the spaces before the trees.”

As G3 Athlete Coordinator, Henderson will work with G3 sponsored guides and athletes to promote G3’s innovative products, and to provide feedback to G3 product designers.