Howard M. Frost, formerly of TKO Sports Group, has been named Executive Vice President of Sales for Body Flex Sports, a subsidiary of Hupa International, Inc. Body Flex markets and distributes fitness and direct response products under X-Max™ and several other trademarks. Frost will begin structuring the sales and marketing group immediately.

Frost has been successful in the sporting goods industry in various capacities for almost twenty years, on both the manufacturing and sales sides of the industry. Most recently Frost held the position of Vice President of Sales Special Markets at TKO Sports Group, a leading manufacturer of boxing, fitness and specialty fitness products. Prior to TKO Frost held the position of Vice President Sales for Thane Distribution Group, a division of Thane International, Inc., which is a leader in the direct response industry. Early on in his career Frost’s company held manufacturing and distribution agreements with VOIT and Wilson Sports. Frost will continue as President of Aspire Consumer Products that provides contract manufacturing and distribution for the direct response industry.

“I am truly excited to be a part of the Body Flex team, which has tremendous manufacturing and design capabilities to support the direct response industry. I see Body Flex as an important resource for the direct response industry. Our retail account relationships, and ability to deliver successful and profitable products to retail accounts, will make us a valuable resource.”

Bob Hsiung stated: “Frost brings over twenty years of retail experience along with sales management experience to Body Flex. His previous expertise, reputation and leadership will give us the ability to form strong partnerships at both retail and in the direct response markets. We now have the retail know-how needed to create a winning combination between innovative products and distribution.”