Freeline Sports, Inc., maker of Freeline Skates, has added three accounts to its specialty retailers, including Pit Surf Shop in St. Augustine, FL., Fritz’ Miami Beach in Miami Beach, FL, and Eagle Marine in Forth Worth, TX. 


Freelines “OG” model is the first in Freeline’s line-up of dual independent skates that are revolutionizing the board sports industry. With reinforced swing arms that are able to hold up to 3000 lbs of downward force, the OG model is made of 356-T6 aircraft grade aluminum for maximum durability, allowing riders to achieve faster speeds than they would on a traditional skateboard.


Freeline’s “Grom” model maintains the company’s signature dual independent sideways skates, but is aimed at recreational cruisers and beginners, who need skates that are lighter, lower to the ground and easier to ride.