Freedom Grill, Inc., which specializes in products for tailgating, camping and outdoor activities, completed its merger with Exosphere Aircraft Company. Concurrent with the closing, Steve Caliguri, President of Freedom Grill, was named CEO and chairman of the new entity.

He has more than 20 years of product development experience and success in bringing innovative products to market in both the consumer market place and the wireless communications industry, according to a statement.

“With the merger completed we can now turn our attention to the opportunities in front of us,” said Mr. Caliguri. “We are excited about the prospect of this merger and becoming a publicly traded company. We look forward in the coming weeks to announcing appointments to our board of directors, who will help guide the execution of our business plan. This merger will enhance Freedom Grill's opportunity to launch new products, gain additional brand recognition and greater market share, and increase shareholder value.”