Footwear Specialties International, parent company of Nautilus Safety Footwear, SkidBuster Shoes and Third Watch Public Safety Footwear, announced at their annual meeting that their “Ultimate” Service standards contributed to their 46% sales increase over 2001.

“Simply put, we have tough service standards in place for our customers. We ship all orders the same day of receipt, we fill orders an average of 98%, we have less than .01% shipping errors and then we notify the customers via email that their orders have been shipped,” said Wayne Elsey, CEO of FSI. “These standards have pushed the needle for us in the market. Our customers are serviced and compliment us on our strong stand that we make,” added Elsey.

FSI has had phenomenal growth in the safety footwear industry since Elsey’s tenure. A 400% sales increase since 1999, 2 branded acquisitions in 01 and a strategic bolt on in late 02 and now a fast start to 2003 with new initiatives in place. “We have formed a great team here in Portland and that has developed a strong position in the safety footwear market,” remarked Elsey. “Our growth plans for 03 include a 50% increase over 02 numbers. We are poised to do this and on track for the first two months,” he added.

FSI announced earlier this week that they have hired Dave Bartels to assume the new position of VP Sales – West. “Dave brings a lot to the table. We are thrilled to add him to our team,” remarked Elsey.

FSI seems to be positioned for a good year with current and new management focused on executing the plan.