The Footwear Innovation Summit by FMNII, to be held at Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown on October 2, will bring gather professionals from both technology and footwear sectors to present their latest innovations to 250 industry leaders from footwear brands, design institutes and factories.

The summit is moderated by both Natacha Alpert, founder of Miras3D, and Katherine Stein, director of business at SGS.

The summit invites a variety of knowledgeable speakers, including keynote speaker Scott Labbe, the former head of innovations at Wolverine. Sarah Clevinger, senior business development manager at HP, will introduce Fitstation, an end-to-end individualized fit technology for footwear retailers. Brendon Marczan, manager of leading digital creation enterprise Foundry, will present how their in-house technologies Modo and Colorway have been used by footwear brands to turn ideas into reality. Chris Lane, CEO of 3dMD, will share the developing technology in 3D scanning that will help shape the future of footwear designs.

Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray, founder of footwear testing lab Heeluxe, will break down the new technologies like wearable sensors, 3d printing and additive manufacturing to show how these are helping create more comfortable shoes for brands. Dr. Marc Ellens of X-rite Pantone will present the team’s latest research in color development for footwear products. Founder of WIIVV Shamil Hargovan will speak on the trend of customized footwear. The topic of the Panel Discussion is Sustainable Innovation, with panelists from Alibaba, Dassault, Lenzig, Swatchbook, Kalypso, Volumental and Feetz.

Alperts said, “The Footwear Innovation Summit by FMNII is unique in that it introduces advanced Innovation in 3D design, sustainable innovation materials, 3D scanning and 3D printing for the footwear industry. Brand leaders and designers at this summit will learn more about how to integrate these important technologies into the future.”

The unique features of the event have attracted enterprises from the U.S. Europe and Asia to exhibit their most innovative products, ranging from machinery to digital creation, from sole materials to sustainable textiles and more.

FMNII, based in New York and Dong Guan China, is a connector between the global supplier chain and footwear brands through innovation and knowledge sharing. Since the founding of the company in 2017, the company has organized 18 seminars in different cities, including Portland, New York, Ho Chi Min City and Dong Guan. The company also operates a digital sourcing platform that helps designers seamlessly search for materials and equipment.