Foot Solutions, Inc. announced the acquisition of Noene (pronounced “Know-EEN) America.

Noene America is the exclusive U.S. distributor of a Swiss-invented, high-frequency, shock absorption material. This 1 to 1-to-2mm material is incorporated in the footbed or insole. The transaction details were not released.

Noene has proven to absorb and disperse over 90 percent of the high-frequency shock that travels through the body when feet strike the ground. Popular with tennis players, runners and the medical community, Noene is available consumers through the Foot Solutions network of specialty retailers in the U.S.

“This technology fits perfectly with our company’s foot wellness mission,” said John Prothro, CEO of Foot Solutions. “We offer an expert, caring service enabled by footwear and orthotic products that promote health and wellness through your feet. This acquisition demonstrates our commitment to finding and promoting technology that improves the quality of our customers’ lives.”

“This is an exciting time at Foot Solutions as we continue to differentiate ourselves as the premier brand in foot wellness,” said Bryan Scott, VP of strategic growth at Foot Solutions “I’m looking forward to the positive impact Noene will bring to our customers.”

Photo courtesy Noene