Foot Solutions Inc., a franchisor of custom orthotics and footwear retail locations, announced the acquisition of the business by a group of private investors. John Prothro, one of the anchor investors, has been appointed CEO and will be leading the company day-to-day.

The previous owner and CEO, Ray Margiano, will become an advisor to the company leadership. “John Prothro and his team will be an exciting and positive transition for the company at a perfect time,” said Margiano.

Prothro was equally optimistic: “Foot Solutions is a 20-year old global brand built on service and offering the best quality orthotics, expertly customized. Our franchisees are highly trained specialists in foot health and stability, and our system improves the quality of our customers’ lives by solving pain and joint issues. That kind of personalized, caring business model is absent in the market and cannot be replicated by the Internet.”

Prothro and his investors plan to invest in a series of growth initiatives designed to build the company and improve operations—starting first with a renewed focus on marketing and customer education. “Millions of people can improve their health and quality of life by visiting one of our certified foot specialists,” said Prothro, “we just need to get the word out.”

The company is bringing in specialists in media and marketing as well as adding operational support. Bryan Scott joined Prothro shortly after the acquisition as the Vice President of Strategic Growth. Scott is a 10-year veteran of the NFL and an investor in an orthotics technology business showcased on Shark Tank. Scott’s mandate is to improve business operations through strategic partnerships and operations.

“At its core, Foot Solutions solves pain and joint problems and helps people get comfortably back on their feet,” said Prothro. “What can be better than that?”

Photo courtesy Foot Solutions