E-commerce software platform Brikl hired Tiffany Kirksey, former senior manager of team sales marketing at Foot Locker, as director of operations. Kirksey worked for Foot Locker for almost 24 years.

During her career at Foot Locker, Kirksey worked with development, search and data, infrastructure, e-commerce website production issues, and data security. She managed the team store platform in her latest role at Foot Locker.

Maarten Boone, CEO of Brikl, said, “We couldn’t be happier to welcome Tiffany to the Brikl family. Her 24-year career at Eastbay Footlocker has armed her with invaluable market and operational intelligence that will inform everything we do across our platform. We’re incredibly proud of how our platform continues to be at the forefront of the market and how our next-generation online store technology continues to counter the complexity faced by promotional and teamwear businesses, decorators and suppliers. As our specialist team grows, the benchmarks we’ll set will be exponential.”