Herstal Group CEO  Philippe Claessens has announced the decision to consolidate FN Manufacturing, LLC in Columbia, SC and FNH USA, LLC in McLean, VAP into a single entity, FN America, LLC.  The Herstal Group is the parent company of US Repeating Arms (Winchester) and Browning Arms Company.

This new organization will be headquartered in McLean, VA. FN America's production facilities will remain in South Carolina.

“The consolidation of FN Manufacturing and FNH USA creates an exciting opportunity for efficiency, growth and profitability,” said FNH USA President and CEO Mark Cherpes.  “This merger will ensure a stronger, more agile organization that is better poised to meet current and future U.S. market challenges.”

FN America will be led by Cherpes with the goal of enabling the company to  streamline development and production of existing and new products and services.  The merger will also enable the company to better manage the complete product and customer care lifecycles for its military, law enforcement and commercial business lines.

Activities are currently underway to consolidate the management teams of FN Manufacturing and FNH USA into one, integrated organization headed by Cherpes.

Jean-Louis Vanderstraeten is retiring as president & CEO of FN Manufacturing, LLC and moving to a new role as advisor to the FNA America chairman of the board. Additional steps to complete the legal merger are anticipated to be concluded in the coming months.