Fjällräven International AB, a provider of products for outdoor enthusiasts, made management changes in order to strengthen the company’s global orientation.

President of Fjällräven North America Nathan Dopp (pictured above) will share the role of deputy CEO, Fjällräven with Thomas Gröger. He also joins the executive board.

Thomas Gröger (country manager, Fjällräven Germany) was appointed as international sales and export manager, deputy to Fjällräven CEO Martin Axelhed and a member of the executive board. This is in addition to his current position.

John Are Lindstad, formerly international sales manager, is leaving the company in mid-March 2017 at his own request.

“As international sales manager for Fjällräven, John Are Lindstad has played a decisive role in positioning the brand in these markets. His decision to leave the company means that we have an important gap to fill,” said Axelhed. “I would like to thank John for his dedication and commitment and wish him all the best for the future.”

Lindstad has been with Fjällräven since 2008 and held a number of positions, including international sales and export manager, head of B2C, member of the executive board and deputy CEO to Axelhed.

To fill these vacant positions, Fjällräven is drawing on existing expertise from within the company and its respective country markets. With Gröger and Dopp, two experienced country managers from Fjällräven’s biggest markets are taking on responsibilities in order to further strengthen the company’s international orientation.

“Thomas Gröger’s long-standing experience as country manager Germany and extensive understanding of market requirements make him the ideal choice to take on new duties as International Sales Manager and my deputy,” said Axelhed. “And with Nathan Dopp as a further deputy, we are ensuring that the expertise from our second-largest and very fast-growing market, North America, continues to flow into our strategic development.”

The changes at management level will give the country markets Germany and North America greater say in the strategic orientation of the brand.

“I am convinced that all the company’s country markets will benefit from the know-how of such an established market as Germany, which has consistently grown over the years, as well as the experiences gained from a relatively new and accelerating market, like North America,” added Axelhed.

Photo courtesy Fjällräven