David M. Thompson has sold 50% ownership interest in Fishpond and Lilypond to Denver businessman Charles H. Kurtz and his family, making the Kurtz’s equal partners with John Le Coq, co-founder and co-owner since 1999. In addition, all operations for Fishpond and Lilypond are moving to a central location in Denver, Colorado to be completed in April.

“After 13 years of successful growth, I am pursuing charitable and other interests,” notes Dave Thompson. “Along with the rest of the team from Kansas, I will be working closely with the new and existing employees in Colorado to ensure a smooth transition for all our dealers. I wish the best for both Fishpond and Lilypond in the coming years and know the team in Denver aspires to do great things with both brands.”
Fishpond and Lilypond are planning a seamless changeover to ensure timely delivery of products to dealers and continued excellence in customer service. Avoiding any disruption is paramount to continuing the incredible relationships with existing customers.
“After working with John on both Fishpond and Lilypond for multiple years, I have a great affinity for these brands and want to see continued growth for us and our dealers,” adds Ben Kurtz. “Consolidating offices from Lenexa and Dillon to one central location and having all operations under one roof will be extremely beneficial to our business goals.”
“As a founding partner, it is my commitment to all our dealers and customers to continue to deliver the heartbeat of our brands with unequalled product design, creative branding, customer service and a passion for the outdoors allowing us to help protect the environment we all share,” says John Le Coq. “I am proud to have new equal business partners with Charles H. Kurtz and family. I also wish Dave and his wife Cindy well in all of the new opportunities that exist ahead of them.”