Imports of handguns, shotguns, rifles, and other firearm categories continued to generate strong double-digit gains in May, according to ITC data compiled by the NSSF.

Results for May 2021 compared to May 2020 are as follows:

  • May Handgun imports increased 73.7 percent from 271,335 units. Within the handgun category, pistol import units rose 72.8 percent from 254,473 to 439,843 units while imported revolver units increased 86.1 percent from 16,862 to 31,377 units.
  • May Rifle imports were up 92.4 percent from 52,546 to 101,077 units. This category has been adjusted to exclude HTS codes 9303-30-4010 and 9303-30-8005 (telescopic sights imported with rifles).
  • May Shotgun category posted a 205.7 percent increase in imported units from 90,808 to 277,617.
  • May Muzzleloader category increased 22.3 percent from 10,621 to 12,992 units.
  • May Other Cartridges (excluding shotgun cartridges) category increased 102.6 percent from 228.2 million to 462.3 million units.
  • May Shotgun Cartridges category increased by 250.5 percent rising to 51.6 million units as compared to last year’s 14.7 million.

Telescopic Sights:

  • May Telescopic sights with rifles (HTS codes 9303-30-4010 and HTS 9303-30-8005, defined as telescopic sights or other optical devices suitable for use with arms, if mounted on a firearm or entered with the firearm on which they are designed to be mounted) decreased 25.9 percent from 1,910 units to 1,416.
  • May Telescopic sights for rifles (HTS code 9013-10-1000, defined as telescopic sights for rifles not designed for use with infrared light) increased 77.2 percent from 209,865 units to 371,848.
  • May Telescopic sights for rifles (HTS code 9013-10-3000, defined as telescopic sights for rifles not elsewhere specified or included [NESOI]) rose 28.6 percent from 58,160 units to 74,771.


  • May Prism Binoculars [not for use with infrared light] (HTS code 9005-10-0040) increased 13.9 percent from 237,611 units to 270,706.
  • May Binoculars HTS code 9005-10-0080 [Other Binoculars, NESOI] increased 114.5 percent from 67,678 units to 145,192.
  • May Hunting Knives (with fixed blades and wood handles) category rose by 144.7 percent from 18,595 units to 45,501 units.

Photo courtesy CPR News