L-Fashion Group of Finland is bringing its Icepeak apparel brand to the United States.

Icepeak was founded in 1996 when a small group of clothing professionals in L-Fashion Group, inspired by US style and know-how in technical materials, created the first collections. The brand's annual sales have grown from $2.5 million to $140 million in the last ten years. Its collections are sold in 46 countries and 86 percent of sales are outside Finland. Icepeak is sold, for example, at more than 1,000 stores in Germany and in the more than 15 dedicated stores in China.

Now the brand is looking for partners to take the brand to US consumers, said Icepeak Sales Director Keni Luhtanen.

“I never could have imagined this kind of adventure when we started Icepeak from zero,” said Luhtanen. “Now I know that nothing can stop this success story. Cooperation with Icepeak provides very profitable business for retailers. I’m sure that American consumers will very soon see us on the US market and we can continue the journey of success together.”

Luhtanen attributes Icepeak's commercial success to stylish design, a focus on the active young minded consumer and offshore production that has enabled it to provide waterproof/breathable apparel to European consumers at affordable prices. Icepeak sources its products primarily through L-Fashion Group’s subsidiary in China.

European sports goods retailers named Icepeak the most profitable brand of 2013, according to a survey of sports retailers, carried out by the leading European sports trade magazine SAZ Sport.