Feel Golf Company, a private company owned & operated by PGA Professionals, announced that it has seen growth in excess of 30% for the first half of 2008, driven by increased demand for its new 73 degree wedge and the Pro Release performance grip.

“We are very pleased to continue on the path of increasing sales for the second quarter as we did for the first quarter of this year,” stated David Otterbach, COO of the company, based in Monterey County, CA. “The first half numbers mark a significant turn-around we made this time last year in restructuring our focus towards our key products and the increase in sale revenues is a testament that we made a prudent decision. In a challenging year for most everyone in the golf business with the overall economic conditions – both perceived and actual, we continue to make substantial progress towards our longer term operating goals.”

“While the year is only half done, we are a good ways ahead of our internal sales forecasts – and we hope to continue this trend during the second half,’ stated Otterbach. “We are implementing a number of strategic initiatives, including a new retail and internet marketing campaign that we believe will better support our major retailers and further drive in-store sales. We will be implementing a new website later this year, including using some new web-based technologies to make the site more user friendly and educational so our customers better understand the unique features and quality on each of our products – and what that means for them when they are playing a round of golf: better feel, better performance and ultimately, lower scores.”

“Feel Golf was founded by PGA Professionals and today is still managed day to day by industry experienced PGA veterans. We believe we offer the average golfer the best of both worlds: 1) a passion for golf based on PGA player experience & industry leading innovation – whether it be our wedges, other clubs or our reverse tapered golf grips; and 2) a business minded price point that makes our clubs and grips – “game saving” – both in performance and cost”. “While there are many solid brands of golf equipment, we believe we make a greater effort in producing the best quality and creative golf clubs – ones that are assembled here in the US by PGA Professionals – further ensuring exacting club standards are maintained whether it be gram tolerances of our heads and shafts, or our golf grips that have been independently tested that improve both distance and accuracy and have an overall better feel – for golfers of all skill levels.”