These fall fitness protection accessories get a shout-out for being innovative in self- defense technology.

 First Place | TigerLady Self-Defense Claws

TigerLady-Self-Defense-ClawsFor more security in a form that will make you feel like Cat Woman, TigerLady Self-Defense Claws, $30, grip naturally to your hand. Small, discreet, and defensive, this tool is made of high-impact plastic and designed to mimic the retractable scratching power of big cats. Claws also capture DNA. A portion of the proceeds go to a nonprofit dedicated to ending violence against women.

TaskOne-G3Second Place | TaskOne G3

Task Lab engineered the ultimate protective phone case with its TaskOne G3, $60. But while most people are concerned with protection against a broken screen, this case is ready for just about anything. Packing a serrated knife, saw blade, flint fire starter, pliers with wire cutter, ruler, Allen wrench, box wrench, screwdrivers, and of course, a bottle opener, this is one badass phone case.

Gaiam-MuseThird Place | Gaiam Muse

Protecting the body from the stress of gym life doesn’t always start from outside. Gaiam’s high-tech brain sensing headband, Gaiam Muse, $300, targets protection from within, improving your cool-down meditative state and ensuing alertness. The headband is said to make users feel more focused and calm. Guided sessions train your brain to manage stress.