­Beveridge Marketing’s EyeBlack.com brand today announced that it has reached an agreement with Major League Baseball Properties to serve as an officially licensed manufacturer of products bearing the marks of all 30 MLB Clubs, as well as the official MLB “silhouetted batter” logo.

“Major League Baseball is a well-respected, international brand, so it’s
obviously beneficial for EyeBlack.com to team up with them and have the opportunity to create high-quality, MLB-branded products for teams on  all levels, as well as fans,” stated Peter Beveridge, president of EyeBlack.com.

“EyeBlack.com was once the best kept secret in sports.  However, with
licenses such as this from Major League Baseball, the EyeBlack.com Revolution is officially underway.”

The multi-year deal includes EyeBlack.com producing MLB-branded product in four of the company¹s five product lines: Original, Original Small, Smear and Clear. EyeBlack.com¹s Warrior line will not be produced under the MLB deal. The MLB-branded EyeBlack available for purchase by athletes and fans alike will be the traditional black, pink, camouflage and Club colors.

EyeBlack.com also has the rights to produce EyeBlack featuring additional designs, such as the All-Star Game logos.

The company is also an official licensee of Major League Lacrosse (MLL), and more than 400 collegiate programs across the nation wear custom EyeBlack.com products.  Off the field, EyeBlack.com has worked with a number of nonprofits, corporations and others to create customized EyeBlack for their respective events, charitable causes, etc.

The company recently launched a new website (EyeBlack.com) and will soon relocate to a 5,000 square- foot facility in Rockville, MD. that is roughly three times the size of its current operation in Kensington.