Evgeni Geno Malkin, reigning National Hockey League MVP and  star center for the Pittsburgh Penguins, is now wearing MoGo flavored mouthguards and will serve as a brand ambassador for MoGo Sport.  Malkin is the most recent professional athlete to endorse MoGo mouthguards, with NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers announcing just last week that he would be appearing in the companys advertising, in-store marketing, PR and social media campaigns.

Were glad that more and more professional athletes are seeing the benefits of flavored mouthguards, said Bruce Angus, founder and principal of MoGo Sport.  Traditional mouthguards are known to cause dry mouth and have a rubbery taste.  Our mouthguards not only have pro-level protection, but a great taste that actually make wearing them enjoyable.  Angus, along with fellow MoGo principal Tom Hoey, started the company in 2011.

I have tried many mouthguards but none felt right until MoGo.  The lemon flavor keeps my mouth from getting dry and lets me concentrate on my game instead of being distracted by the uncomfortable, rubbery taste Ive experienced with other mouthguards, said Malkin.

In addition to wearing MoGo mouthguards, Malkin and Kaepernick will help raise awareness about the importance of mouthguard protection to youth athletes.  The American Association of Orthodontists estimates that 67 percent of children do not wear mouthguards while playing organized sports.  However, a recent study found that 90 percent of youth athletes chose flavored mouthguards over non-flavored, statistics MoGo hopes will lead to better safety and fewer lost teeth on the field.

MoGo Mouthguards are FDA-compliant and utilize a patented process that infuses the mouthguard material with natural flavor essences without sugar, calories or harmful chemicals for refreshing flavor that lasts the entire season. Athletes at all levels from a wide variety of sports have discovered the protective and performance enhancing features of MoGo.  MoGo provides professional-level protection  (including a $10,000 Dental Warranty) and a comfortable custom fit while infusing mouthwatering flavors.

MoGos mouthguards are currently available in Orange, Lemon, Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Mint and Bubble Gum in adult and youth sizes for $11.99. MoGo also makes flavored mouthguards for children and adults with braces. New flavors are in development.

The partnership between MoGo Sports and Malkin was brokered by Malkins sports management company, CAA, and MoGos marketing agency-of-record, French/West/Vaughan.