Everlast Worldwide Inc. will launch a new global brand and product strategy. Everlast Worldwide has developed new brand assets in order to create a clear and consistent brand message that will be established by licensees worldwide in every product category.

The re-branding will be launched in the third quarter of 2007, and it will include strategies within a unified marketing plan that will effectively set the goals, ambitions and future objectives to enhance Everlast's position as a premier brand. As part of this integrated marketing effort, Everlast will reveal a refreshed logotype, a new icon, corporate colors and tagline, “GREATNESS IS WITHIN,” via print, out-of-home and internet advertising campaigns. Everlast will further communicate this re-branding effort in 2008 on all product packaging and communication materials worldwide.

The new brand assets are based on the ethos of strength, dedication, individuality and authenticity which collectively define Everlast's history and future. The refreshed logotype has been updated to meet the modern needs of the Everlast consumer. The new icon is clean, bold, energetic and confident. It is unique, easily recognizable and its vanishing perspective symbolizes the idea of infinity; the idea of never stopping. The composite logotype and icon together will stand as a dynamic representation of the Everlast brand ethos. The consistent use of these brand assets on a global scale will help to ensure a cohesive brand message to all Everlast consumers.

Seth Horowitz, Chairman and CEO of Everlast Worldwide Inc., said, “We are confident that our new brand strategy will elevate the Everlast name based upon the core values brought out by our brand ethos. In order to effectively communicate these principles we clearly understood the need for our consumer to connect with our brand on an emotional level and we have done extensive research to understand our target consumer's needs and wants. The broad goal of our strategy is to establish a clear vision and image for our brand on a global scale. We feel confident that our new brand guidelines accurately establish the equity and strength of our brand heritage and point to the future of Everlast as a premier fitness and active lifestyle brand.”