Everlast Worldwide Inc. has signed a license agreement with Bossong Mills Inc. to launch the “Everlast Pain Manager,” a graduated compression band for joint pain produced with Bossong's revolutionary carbon fiber technology. This new product will be distributed by Bossong and marketed under the Everlast brand name.

The new compression bands include advanced Carbon Technology, a special blend of bi-component conductive carbon yarns that dissipate electrical charges. The active therapy works with a unique knit of fabrics that massage the affected areas while helping to improve blood circulation for more rapid healing. The lightweight breathable knit provides active therapy, comfort and support with increased stability to prevent further injury. Additionally, the advanced tubular construction of this product delivers controlled uniform compression to reduce swelling.

This innovative product comes in 5 sizes and 4 styles for application to the hand & wrist, elbow, knee and ankle and is designed in two compression levels: Comfort Compression and Ultra Compression. This product will be geared towards athletes and fitness enthusiasts as a holistic approach to healing their injuries and helping sore muscles. The product is now available in northeast regional sporting goods stores.