Skiset,  a ski and snowboard rental store chain with more than 700 stores in over 350 European ski resorts, has expanded to North America and plans to have over 70 stores at major resorts in the United States and Canada for the 2009/2010 winter ski season.

According to a press release, Skiset said it has launched their new North American websites ( & and will sell directly to the consumer. They will also work with third party vendors such as tour operators and online travel websites. Direct customers will have access to discounted rates and a customer friendly online reservations website. Third party vendors are offered a one-stop shop solution for their rental needs for the entire North American continent.

“What differentiates Skiset is that we prepare the customer for skiing and snowboarding to maximize their enjoyment of the mountains. We don't just rent skis.” said Philippe Koiransky, president of Vail-CO-based Skiset North America and managing director of the Skiset holding company in Paris, France. Besides France, Skiset's stores are located in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Andorra, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, and Slovenia.

Skiset has developed their North America network by recruiting independently owned ski and snowboard rental stores. The company said the stores benefit from increased exposure to the consumer and travel trade through Skiset's brand recognition and strategic partnerships around the world. Skiset also undertakes extensive marketing initiatives. Moreover, Skiset will act as a buying group for its partner rental stores to create volume orders to leverage discounted rates with ski and snowboard equipment manufacturers.

“We've had a phenomenal response from independent ski shop owners who recognize the value of being part of Skiset.” explained Tony Lyle, vice president North America for Skiset and former Head of International Sales & Marketing for Vail Resorts. He went on to say, “We plan to have more than 150 partner stores for the 2010/2011 winter season and over 400 by 2012/2013.”

Skiset's leadership is experienced and well respected in the ski industry. They now start their new mission of bringing together the best ski hire professionals in North America.

Skiset was founded in 1994 by a group of former world champion skiers and independent ski rental store owners including Annie Famose, Patrick Lepeudry and Leo Lacroix. During the 2008/2009 winter season Skiset served nearly 2 million customers with a turnover of US$520 Million (EUR350 million).