Figures released by the European Outdoor Group (EOG) last week shows retail sales of outdoor products outpaced wholesale sales in 2013.


The EOG’s State of Trade 2013 report estimated that the wholesale value of outdoor products at sell-in increased 2.8 percent to €4.8 billion, while retail sales increased 3.1 percent to €10 billion in 2013. The figures indicate average final mark ups of 108.3 percent.



For 2013, growth was reported in almost every major category, with the largest increases in value being in footwear (5.2 percent) and packs (2.7 percent). There was also healthy growth in apparel (2.5 percent), accessories (2.3 percent) and climbing equipment (1.6 percent). The only category to experience a decline in value was tents (-0.7 percent).



Southern Europe and the U.K. recovered following a few years of unfavorable weather or slow economic growth, while growth remained strong in Eastern Europe and Russia. Scandinavia and the Germany-Austria-Switzerland region continued to perform solidly, as they have for several years. Germany remains the biggest individual outdoor market in Europe by far with 25.7 percent of sales, followed by Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and the Republic of Ireland (13.4 percent) and France (12.2 percent).



More than 100 brands – including those owned by retailers – from across Europe provided comprehensive 2013 sell-in data for seven main categories and 48 separate sub-categories. Participation was not limited to EOG member brands.



This year’s report is the first compiled from data submitted via a secure online portal that allows the EOG to include many more categories and sub-categories than in previous years. EOG’s board of directors voted last week to begin admitting retailers to the trade group.