Six leading European fashion retailers – Auchan, 3 Suisses, Happychic, Blancheporte, Phildar and Rouge Gorge – are monitoring their eco-labeling and eco-design procedures with Intertek’s Instant LCA Textile solution, a life cycle assessment (LCA) tool.

These retailers and brands recognized the need to be proactive with regard to eco-design, as well as to anticipate possible regulation that would make eco-labeling mandatory for consumer goods sold in the French market starting in 2013 (article 228 from the law 2010-788 known as “Grenelle 2”). Thes brands decided to take a collaborative approach and evaluate the requirements for a tool suited to the ecological issues of their activities, specifically that it be an easy-to-use, flexible solution intended for non-expert users. As a result, they selected and implemented the Instant LCA Textile solution, developed by Intertek to enable life cycle assessments adapted to the stakes of the textile/fashion industry.

“A real challenge for our team was to manage and coordinate a task force of industry experts, representing a wide range of products, distribution channels and places of supply. Yet, this is also the reason why this project was so interesting. The strength of our Instant LCA Textile™ solution is to offer pre-integrated life cycle assessment models, which can be manipulated easily with a simplified and customizable user interface, accessible globally through a Web browser,” explained Michael Ooms, Managing Director of Intertek’s Brussels-based center of expertise for environmental impacts management.

“Even though eco-labeling is not yet mandatory in France, 3 Suisses is pursuing its proactive corporate responsibility policy. Using the Instant LCA Textile solution enables us to assess and compare the environmental impacts of our textile, shoes and corsetry fashion products, when making design decisions. It also enables us to expand the information enclosed on our products data sheet for a thorough information and awareness of our clients,” adds Eric Mariaud, Quality Manager for 3 Suisses.

Christèle Merter, quality manager for Happychic says: “It is a real challenge for Happychic to measure the environmental impacts of the products we sell – this is why we selected the Instant LCA Textile solution developed by Intertek, which has already enabled us to maximize the eco-design for some of our products, to collect the key data from our suppliers and to have them verified with external audits.”

The six participating brands are:

  • Auchan: The retail chain (hypermarkets, supermarkets, online sales, drive etc.) employs more than 210,000 people around the world. With many markets in France, particularly in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, the company has over 500 hypermarkets in Asia, Europe and Africa. 

  • Blancheporte: Blancheporte offers affordable clothes for men and women, as well as linens and household appliance appealing to everyone. Blancheporte focuses on offering an excellent price/quality ratio and catering to women between 45 to 70 years old. Active in France, Belgium, Czech Republic as well as Slovakia, Blancheporte is the French leader for online clothing sale for seniors and younger seniors (source Fevad). Blancheporte is a brand of Groupe 3 Suisses International, ranked 2nd e-commerce group in France and 7th in Europe. 

  • Happychic: The group brings together the clothing and accessories brands Jules, Bizzbee and Brice, located throughout France, Europe and Middle East.

  • Phildar: Phildar is a French brand of ready-to-wear, ready-to-knit and wool. Mainly located in France (more than 600 franchises and 80 branches), there are many shops in Europe and North America.

  • Rouge Gorge: Rouge Gorge is a network of more than 150 shops of lingerie, settled in France and Belgium. Employing more than 300 people and with over 20 years of existence, previously as Cannelle Lingerie, the brand also sells tights and swimsuits. 

  • 3 Suisses: 3 Suisses is a brand of Groupe 3 Suisses International, ranked 2nd e-commerce group in France, and 7th e-commerce group in Europe (Internet Retailer ranking).
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