Messe Friedrichshafen, the Owners of Europe's largest bicycle trade show, Eurobike, will be launching a new trade show in the U.S. to compete directly with InterBike. Officials from EuroBike have reportedly met with Portland city officials to discuss hosting the show at the The Oregon Convention Center, with a two day outdoor demo in Ski Bowl or near Hood River.

“I was interested to hear the news of Eurobike’s proposed show,” said Lance Camisasca, Interbike's group show director. “We welcome competition, as it will help us do a better job. However, we are also greatly concerned about the dividing effect Eurobike’s announcement may have on the industry. Many will remember the time when the industry suffered through multiple shows resulting in additional expense and heartache. We hope the industry will continue to support the Interbike show and we promise to continue to do everything we can to make Interbike the best show for the North American market.”

Other reports have recently surfaced claiming that Eurobike surpassed Interbike in terms of size and attendance this year.

According to published numbers, Eurobike saw Trade visitors up 6% per cent to 31,810 including bike retailers from 76 countries, 5 continents and 44% of attendees coming from outside Germany. 1,064 journalists from 32 countries were at the show.

In comparison, Interbike hosted 22,000 individual exhibitors, manufacturers’ representatives, buyers, and members of the media, which represents a 12% increase versus 2005 attendance. Buyer attendance was close to 10,400 individuals, which equates to a 6% increase versus 2005 and represents a little more than 3,100 stores. “Close to 450” working media attended Interbike, representing a 15% increase versus 2005 attendance.

“We understand the Interbike show may not be perfect,” Camisasca said. “But we have always tried to listen to retailers, exhibitors and advocacy groups to improve the show and to help the industry grow. For example, when the industry wanted more space, all on one floor, we moved the show to Las Vegas. We have also kept exhibiting costs below the tradeshow industry average to maintain affordability for exhibitors both large and small.”

The new U.S. version of Eurobike is still waiting on an official name and the EU based company is still hiring a team to organize and run the show, which will reportedly take place sometime next September.