Endurance House, a new franchisee specialty retailer particularly catering to triathlon, iron-distance triathlon and marathon competitors, opened its fourth store. The store in Oceanside, CA is at 401 North Coast Highway, Suite 103, (off Highway 101 near Civic Center Drive).

According to its website, Endurance House also operates stores in Westminster, CO and two in Wisconsin in Madison and Middleton. A store set to open in Georgia soon

According to a statement, Endurance House provides a receptive atmosphere not often found in smaller retailers that cater to the advanced participant, and a personalized experience atypical of big box retailers focused on volume throughput to the masses. No matter what level of skill customers come in with, Endurance House welcomes them with encouraging, experienced employees who are ready, willing and able to get them the information, service and gear they need to derive maximum fulfillment and optimal results from their athletic efforts.

Guests visiting the new store can request a free Personalized Movement Profile, a technology-infused individual consultation to determine what shoes will fit them and their efforts best. Bike and wetsuit fittings are also available, as is full-service Tri Bike repair. Competitors can also rent race wheels and wetsuits as needed for individual competitions. Endurance House also holds free weekly group runs, workshops, clinics and social activities, making it a focal point and ready source of gear, conditioning and inspiration that all competitors need to succeed.

Living a Dream Helping Others Fulfill Theirs

Store owners/operators Jondi and Grace Bernardo share a deep passion for endurance competition and the sports that comprise it. Jondi, a longtime technology salesman and consultant and retired naval officer, has been competing in triathlons for more than 20 years, and participated in his first full IRONMAN™ race on November 16 in Tempe, Ariz. Grace, who has a background in corporate marketing and event planning, is an avid runner. “Plena Vita LLC,” the name they gave the company they formed to operate the store, translates to “full life,” reflecting both their commitment to helping athletes at all levels of experience and skill get the most out of their participation in endurance sports, and the fact that operating their Endurance House store is, for them, the fulfillment of a long-held wish.

“We are thrilled to be Endurance House operators,” says Jondi Bernardo. “We had been looking for a business that would tie in with something we love to do, and this is a perfect fit. It’s not only about the products and services Endurance House offers but also about the philosophy of enriching our community by helping every person who walks through our doors get the most out of their athletic efforts and by being an active supporter of local organizations and events.”

Bernardo says while the popularity of triathlon is spreading across the country and around the globe, he is honored to be operating so close to the birthplace of its modern form, and optimistic about his store’s own popularity among one of the largest triathlon clubs in the nation.

“Triathlon is a very big deal here in Southern California,” he says. “The Tri Club of San Diego has thousands of members, some major events happen here, and more and more people are being drawn here to participate in the sport or drawn to the sport because they live here. What we hope they’ll all find when they walk through our doors is a friendly and genuine atmosphere. We are committed to helping our guests achieve their potential and fulfill their training and fitness goals.”
As a military veteran, Bernardo says he is also excited to be operating a store so close to Camp Pendleton, the West Coast’s major U.S. Marine Corps base. Located 1 mile from the base’s main gate, Bernardo says he hopes to forge a close relationship with the Marines, providing them with a viable resource for their training needs. He also hopes to become a trusted resource for participants in the Hard Corps Race Series®, Camp Pendleton’s own race series pitting active-duty servicemen and women, who participate for free, against civilian men, women and children who pay to compete in events including a World Famous Mud Run®, a half marathon, 10K, 5K and 1K runs, a sprint triathlon, a duathlon, several different bike races and other events.

“I love the idea behind the Hard Corps series,” Bernardo says. In addition to featuring many events that we cater to, it is designed to support Camp Pendleton’s military families. That is very meaningful to me both as a retired Navy veteran and as operator of a store dedicated to supporting the community. We’re hoping to be a retail venue where Hard Corps competitors can get the gear they need, but also to find ways to participate in the series in a broader way, as a sponsor or service provider playing an integral role in its success.”

Endurance House Oceanside will look to support the civilian community outside Camp Pendleton as well, Bernardo says. The store recently provided mobile bike repair service, for instance, to participants in Life Time Tri Oceanside, the newest event in one of the country’s most distinguished triathlon series. Bernardo says he also plans to get involved in the Challenged Athletes Foundation®, which helps people with physical disabilities pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics.

“Our general manager, Trent Sakamoto, has been involved in the CAF for a while now, since well before he joined our organization,” says Bernardo. “We will now look to build on that relationship as an entire organization.”

Endurance House Oceanside is now open Monday to Saturday from 10am-6pm and Sunday from 10am- 5pm. For more information, visit endurancehouseoceanside.com or call (858) 231-8107.

About Endurance House

Endurance House was founded in Madison, Wisc., by Jamie and Tara Osborn, a husband and wife team with a long list of completed marathons and triathlons between them. While on a training run in the summer of 2006, Jamie put a name to the new retail store he and Tara were planning to launch, a welcoming venue offering a genuine and encouraging retail atmosphere for triathletes, runners and walkers of all abilities. Endurance House has at its core a focus on building relationships with people to help them “Redefine Their Possible,” providing the knowledge, gear and motivation to meet and exceed their personal performance goals.