Elm Company, hipster clothing and beanie makers, have branched out to a new demographic: kids. elm-hatThe company’s new Saplings by Elm is a lifestyle brand for children who enjoy the outdoors.

“A lot of Elm’s customers, ambassadors, sales reps and athletes were sending us pictures of their little ones wearing adult sized beanies,” said Elm Company Brand Manager, Brett Wiley. “So, we decided that as our customers and friends within the snowboard and outdoor industries mature and their families expand, that we should expand our offerings to grow with them.”

Saplings is for kids who turn over rocks to find bugs, or come home after spending the day outside and have a little dirt on their clothes. The new brand was created to encourage kids to spend time in the outdoors, use their imaginations and enjoy nature.

Saplings will be an extension of the Elm Company philosophy of “Rooted In Life.”

Photos courtesy Elm Company

Photos by Stephanie Wiley Photography, courtesy Elm Company

Founded in 2004, Elm Company has grown to become a lifestyle inspired snow and outdoor hardwear and accessories company. Marked by its leaf logo, the company is not only committed to nature-inspired designs, but to using eco-friendly materials and as much U.S. manufacturing as possible.

“It’s about the places we go, the people we meet along the way, and the things we do that make us who we are.”

wildElm holds a roster of some of the biggest names in snowsports, including Ben Gavelda, the snowboarding, mountain biking, outdoor freelance writer and photographer… who also dabbles in woodworking and wrenching on vehicles. You can follow Gavelda’s adventures on Instagram at @BenGavelda.

Other names on the Elm Company ambassador role call are Ben Classen, Bryan Iguchi, Dillon Ojo, Harookz, Justin Fronius, Jake Pollock, Pascal Shirley, Mike Carter and tons more.

As for Saplings, the company has yet to enlist the representation of mini-ambassadors, but it could be in the future. In any case, kids who pick bugs over iPads should be celebrated.