ElliptiGo Inc., an elliptical bicycle company, formed a partnership with Velofix, a fleet of mobile bike shops.

Currently, the ElliptiGo retail network includes 271 specialty retail partners, and many of those locations do not have a dedicated service technician on hand at all times. Partnering with Velofix is a way to provide service to a larger set of customers.

Bryce Whiting, VP of global sales for ElliptiGo, said, “This partnership with Velofix allows us to service customers in the numerous areas where we have a Specialty Run or Specialty Fitness retail partner, but don’t have a Specialty Bike retailer. It also expands service coverage to many areas of the country where we currently don’t have any retail partner.”

Velofix launched in 2012 and has expanded its fleet of Mobile Bike Shops to nearly every major market in North America.

Photo courtesy ElliptiGo