Electra Bicycle Company has been awarded US Patent #7740262 for inventing a completely new type of bike that provides an improved level of comfort and control and allows riders to place their feet flat on the ground while still sitting in the saddle. The innovative forward-pedaling design, developed in 2003, was first featured in Electra Townie and 20” Kids’ bicycles and was named Flat Foot Technology. Over the years, this industry innovation has been integrated to varying degrees into the Electra Cruiser and Amsterdam collections.

“Around the year 2000 most bike companies were simply repurposing their common mountain bike frames with higher reaching handlebars and suspension seat posts and calling them comfort bikes. We were not impressed and knew this wasn’t satisfying all the needs of casual everyday riders. We took out a blank piece of paper, ignored the sacred bicycle frame rules and designed a new type of bike with improved comfort and control,“ says Benno Baenziger, Electra Co-founder/Inventor of Flat Foot Technology. “The Townie showcases our technology in its purest form. We then enhanced cruiser and Dutch city bikes with the essence of the technology to improve the ride and create an Electra point of difference.”

Flat Foot Technology’s unique design starts at the heart of the bicycle by moving the crank forward of the seat tube creating a forward pedaling ride position. The technology allows riders to sit comfortably upright in the saddle with proper leg extension for pedaling. This upright position helps reduce tension in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and wrists, and opens up a wider view of the road. Riders are able to more easily reach their feet on the ground at any time for control and stability. Additionally, the proprietary innovation allows for easy adjustments to fit various-sized riders within one frame size.

“Electra Flat Foot Technology sets a new standard in bicycle comfort and control, and has helped make Electra the top-selling Lifestyle and Leisure brand in the IBD (independent bicycle dealer) channel,” says Elayne Fowler, Electra’s marketing director. “Consumers are incredibly enthusiastic about our ergonomic riding positions and we’re proud to own the patent confirming that Electra is the originator and only authorized manufacturer of this design. It is another example of our passion and commitment to help more people experience the joy of everyday cycling.”