Elan Skis, the Slovenian-based maker of handcrafted skis, announced the opening of the Elan Alpine Skiing Museum at the brand’s headquarters in Slovenia. The museum was opened on June 21 by legendary Elan athlete Ingemar Stenmark.

As one of the world’s first commercial manufacturers of skiing equipment, Elan has been making skis for over 70 years.

“By opening the Elan Alpine Skiing Museum, Elan’s shareholders have the opportunity to provide a meaningful cultural contribution to the region and to Slovenia as a whole,” said Jeffrey Tirman, Elan’s chief executive director. “Elan is deeply woven into the fabric of the Slovene society, and the museum provides a place where people from all over the world can visit and see some of the important contributions Elan has made to sporting history.”

In addition to a large tribute to alpine skiing, the museum exhibition also hosts displays for Elan’s other manufacturing divisions such as sailing vessels, airplanes, gym equipment and blades for wind power stations.

Photo courtesy Elan Skis