As the best teams in college baseball compete for a spot in the College World Series in Omaha, Easton will debut a series of new commercials showcasing their new lineup of Stealth™ bats and cleated footwear.

“We’re taking an aggressive approach because of our ultimate confidence in the technologies,” said Mike Zlaket, Easton’s VP of baseball/softball. “With the Stealth™ bats, we’ve raised the bar of innovation once again thanks to our exclusive Opti-Flex™ composite handle technology, which provides increased handle flex for a whipping action up to three times that of aluminum, plus our patented ConneXion™ elastomer technology which acts like a hinge to provide the most efficient energy transfer from handle to barrel.

“With the Stealth Grip cleats, we’re using patent-pending cleat design technology to provide players with faster directional response, greater forward push, and more overall comfort and performance than ever before,” added Zlaket. “We’re looking forward to presenting the campaign to the rest of the sporting world during a highly competitive environment like the college baseball postseason.”

The spots were created by The Ballpark, a full-service advertising agency located in Santa Monica, CA. The Stealth bat ad features an overhead super slow-motion shot of a college baseball player swinging to highlight the bat’s technology. The Stealth Grip cleat ad features super slow-motion footage of Easton’s marquis endorser, superstar slugger Sammy Sosa, powering home runs in a batting practice environment. A third ad features similar footage of Sosa with a more general focus on the Easton brand. All three spots will air on FOX SPORTS NET and the SUNSHINE NETWORK during coverage of the ACC, Big XXII and SEC college baseball conference tournaments and finals running through June 7.

Easton Sports will also be unveiling other Ballpark created spots, one centered around slow pitch softball and another focusing on fastpitch softball, throughout the summer on FOX SPORTS NET.