Jas D. Easton Corporation of Salt Lake City has named its CFO Darren Cottle as the new general manager of Easton  Outdoor, which is comprised of both the Easton Outfitters and Core4Element (C4E) brands.

A long-standing member of the Easton team, Cottle is an avid outdoorsman who looks to bring his passion and appetite for the outdoors into this new position to further engrain Easton’s leadership in the outdoor industry.
“It’s an exciting opportunity for both myself and the brand,” says Cottle. “The design team and product engineers here at Easton are second-to-none in the industry and I hope to utilize their technical skills paired with new material developments to successfully grow our product lines in order to keep up with the demands of our committed users and their outdoor pursuits.”
Cottle will lead daily operations at Easton Outdoor and looks to bring long-term direction to both Easton Outfitters, which makes backpacks, treking poles and snowshoes, and Core4Element, which makes hunting apparel and accessories. Cottle has a strong team in place and will rely on their expertise within their own respective departments to strengthen the overall brand moving forward.
Easton Outdoor, under Cottle’s leadership, will offer comprehensive product coverage for retailers with the current line of tents, trekking poles, snowshoes, apparel, and a new line of backpacks, shooting sticks and other camping and outdoor accessories set for availability this summer.
“I’m excited about these changes and how they will enable the success of our company going forward,” said Greg Easton.”We are in a position to build upon our industry leading brands as we expand into additional product categories in the hunting and outdoor recreation markets.”
Founded in 1922, Easton has dedicated itself to designing technical outdoor gear for the serious user. At the core is Easton's proprietary manufacturing of high-strength lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber tubing used in its mountaineering, trekking, and winter products.