Easton-Bell Sports and Veltec Sports, Inc. will end their distribution agreement on August 31st. The transition marks the final consolidation of the merger between Easton and Bell Sports first announced six months ago in February.

Veltec will continue selling Easton wheels and components to retailers throughout the month of August, with representatives of Easton-Bell Sports taking over Easton distribution effective September 1st.

The distribution changeover is designed to be seamless to dealers and consumers alike, according to Veltec Sports managing director Josh Greenberg. “Both companies enjoy excellent relations with the same group of retail partners,” Greenberg said. “Our top priority is to insure zero disruption of business so dealers can continue supporting the Easton brand.”

“When two companies have the same goal in mind, it’s much easier to make
a smooth transition,” said John Harrington, senior vice president of
the Easton Bike division of Easton-Bell Sports. “Veltec has been an
outstanding distributor for us, quadrupling Easton sales over the past
four years, and we appreciate their pro-active partnership in the
changeover period.”

Harrington confirmed that Easton-Bell will purchase all remaining Easton
inventory from Veltec in the final weeks of the month, both to build
inventory in Easton-Bell’s Rantoul, Illinois warehouse and to maintain
market stability throughout the sales channel. “The message to dealers
is simple,” Harrington concluded. “Buy with confidence.”