Easton-Bell Sports (EBS) has extended their current exclusive distribution agreement with Shimano Europe for EBS Brands, Giro, Bell, Blackburn and Easton Cycling for an additional three years.

The new agreement will begin at the expiration of their current agreement on June 30, 2014. The agreement includes the countries of The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Poland.


The only exceptions to the agreement include Footwear, Softgoods and Apparel, which will be covered by alternative distribution in the above territories.


EBS’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Bernie Doering, said the extension of the exclusive long term agreement signaled a strengthening of our long-term strategic partnership between Easton-Bell Sports and Shimano Europe which has existed for many years.


“We are very pleased to count the Shimano sales offices as one of our key partners in establishing and growing the presence of the EBS brands in the European marketplace. Our recently signed extension to the existing agreement continues our successful and long-term partnership.


Also the Shimano Europe Bike Holding (SEBH), that represents the Shimano sales offices within Europe, is pleased with this extended agreement.


“We work with the EBS brands for many years now and together we achieved great results. Our sales offices strategy is offering a complete portfolio of the best brands and products in the industry to our dealers. EBS with its strong brand names fits perfectly in this strategy and is a true asset next to the Shimano brand. We are sure that we will further grow our business together and offer our customers leading products in combination with excellent service says Arjen Vinke, deputy director of SEBH.”


Further to the continued agreement with Shimano Europe, the country of France will be represented by Royal Velo France beginning July 1, 2014.