Dunham's created a new ad campaign for 2006. The “Hero” print ad campaign will highlight the brand's comfort story and “dedication to providing the outdoor enthusiast with the best fitting, most comfortable product possible.”

According to the company, Dunham's outdoor lifestyle product, including their Waffle Stomper Premier
II boot, is featured as the true “hero” of the ad. The campaign copy poses
a series of questions and reflects on all the items that must be considered
in order to make a shoe comfortable-from the gait cycle to the terrain to
the uniqueness of individual feet. The theme of the ad is to capture all
the items Dunham integrates in order to create the perfect outdoor boot.
The tagline of the campaign emphasizes Dunham's commitment to fit and
comfort reading, “All kinds of feet. All sorts of comfort.”

“This campaign reinforces Dunham's mission to achieve the perfect blend of
comfort performance footwear for the outdoor lifestyle. It's about having
people understand that they don't have to compromise one key aspect of
footwear to get another of a higher priority because Dunham has found the
perfect marriage of fit, performance and comfort technologies for our
outdoor lifestyle footwear,” says Dunham's Marketing Services Manager,
Margaret Reuner.

Small Army of Boston, MA developed the campaign. “The unique looks of the
ad campaign allows Dunham to stand out in what can often be a cluttered
environment,” says Jeff Freedman of Small Army. “The strong emphasis on the
product demonstrates Dunham's confidence and pride in its product.”

Dunham's 2006 ad campaign will launch in January and is scheduled to appear
in outdoor publications including Outside, National Geographic Adventure,
Hooked on Outdoors, and Backpacker.