Dragon held the 4th annual Dragon 3-Ring-Circus at Bear
Mountain, Sierra/Tahoe and Mammoth this year. After the successful Three year run, Dragon's fourth attempt went off with out a hitch and drew record participants.

All three contests drew the maximum entries and sold out quickly to 75 participants. The challenge was a free amateur rail jam judged by Dragon pro
riders. The course was a variety of obstacles with four
Divisions,16&up,15&under,Ski and Girls in an expression session format.

The first stop was February 27th at Bear Mountain during the Wide Open
Series. Mother nature decided to unleash a brutal storm with wind, rain,
tornados and more but it did not stop the show. The event was judged by
Dragon Pro riders, Shaun Mckay, Pat McCarthy, Jussi Tarvinen and special
guest Prescilla Levac. The competitors loved the rain and continued to kill
the course all night long, hitting features such as the road gap, log stall
and pyramid jump.

The second stop was March 18th at Sierra, Tahoe. A Fresh snow and blue skies
was the setting for the days events. Skiers and Snowboarders of both genders
twisted their bodies in all sorts of positions hoping to win their way to
the top of the full-length jib course which consisted of C-boxes, kinked
rails, rainbow boxes and more.

The final stop was at Mammoth Mountain April 29th. Spring conditions were
in full effect during the entire event. Dragon Pro's Gabe Taylor and Matt
Hammer judged the contest with amateur rider Greg Hahn. The jib course was
topnotch, with standout features such as the “shark fin gap.”