As Sport Executive Weekly reported two weeks ago, Oakley, Inc. saw 25%
sales growth (see SEW_0743) in Q3  with its subsidiary Dragon
Optical providing “solid growth.”  In an exclusive interview with
SEW,  Dragon’s Scott Sorensen, director of marketing, reports that
growth came from both eyewear and goggles.

“Dragon saw some really strong growth in both eyewear and snow goggles.
After strong snow goggles sales last season, even in a moderate snow
season, we had solid pre-book growth in the category for this year,”
said Sorensen.

In addition, Sorensen said, “We had almost no glitches in production
and we shipped strongly in August world-wide. Eyewear sales also were
strong in the third quarter with new styles like the GG and the Dusk
having great sell-through at retail.”