Dodge Ski Boots opened a brand new production facility in Essex, VT.

“The new production facility, which has a custom-designed molding press and robotic laser trimmer for our carbon fiber shells, gives us the capacity needed to grow exponentially,” said Dave Dodge, founder of Dodge Ski Boots. “Recreational skiers have discovered the benefits of our super-light, super-responsive boots and we can better support these customers with our new facility,” Dodge added.

Dodge Ski Boots claims its boots are 30 percent lighter than a traditional plastic shelled boot while pumping power from the leg to the ski far more efficiently. Turning is easier and more precise and skiers will end the day far less fatigued. The shell flex can be fine-tuned to the skier and is consistent at all temperatures.

“We initially targeted ski racers and competitors using the boots improved their rankings over 40 percent,” according to company co-founder Bill Doble. “But we found all skiers benefited from the improved power, precision, comfort, and lighter weight,” Doble added.