Despite one of the warmest and driest winters in decades, sales of Women's AT/Randonee boots increased 16 percent last season, according to the 2012 Women's Market Intelligence Report released last week by Snowsports Industries America.

The data point is one of thousands in the report, which estimates that sales of women-specific snowsports gear reached $973 million during the 2011-12 season, off just six percent in units and 3 percent in dollars report.

The report, which is free to SIA members and available for $475 to non-members, slices and dices sales data in a bid to track the buying behavior of women. While women made up just 39 percent of alpine skiers, 35 percent of snowboarders and 41 percent of cross country skiers last season, SIA said they influence where other family members shop and what brands they purchase. Last season, women preferred to shop in snowsports specialty stores, where they spent $529 million, according to SIA. Overall spending at snow sport specialty shops declined 10.7 percent to $1.82 billion.   

SIA estimated earlier this year that overall retail sales snowsports products fell just 4 percent last season in dollar terms despite a 12 percent decline in unit sales as specialty retailers held price and Internet dealers lowered price and increased turns. 

The 2012 Women's Market Intelligence Report estimates that 82 percent of female snowboarders are under age 34 and 61 percent of female cross country skiers have a Bachelor's Degree or higher. Alpine ski equipment represents 71% of women's snow sports equipment purchases, but snowshoeing brings in the most female participants of any snowsports activity. Women accounted for 43% of all snowshoers last season. Women can fully outfit themselves for skiing or riding for less than $2,000.