Cutter & Buck Inc. announced a license agreement with Tokyo-based Descente Ltd., under which Descente will have exclusive rights to distribute Cutter & Buck apparel in China, Hong Kong and Macao. This license adds to the existing relationship under which Descente is licensee for Cutter & Buck in Japan.

“We have been very pleased with our relationship with Descente in Japan,” said Jim McGehee, Executive Vice President and Manager of Strategic Business Units. “Descente's understanding of the northeast Asia markets, its many business relationships throughout the area, and the quality of its people make it a powerful partner for Cutter & Buck.”

Descente is well-known for its quality winter sports apparel, specializing in technical gear and clothing for professional and Olympic athletes. Descente entered the golf apparel business in 1964, gaining license to the Munsingwear golf brand in Japan. Today Descente owns the Munsingwear label, which is the number one selling golf apparel brand throughout Northeast Asia. Descente also owns or has licensed other high-profile brands such as Arena swimwear, Umbro, Nautica, and Fubu .

“China is an exciting opportunity for Cutter & Buck,” said McGehee. “As consumer spending increases and Chinese people spend more on their leisure activities, we see great opportunity.” The China-Hong Kong-Macao agreement, effective January 1, 2004, extends through December of 2008, with a five-year extension option.

Cutter & Buck does business through other licensees in Canada, Europe, Korea, South Africa, Australia, and Dubai.