Decathlon, the French-sporting goods chain, reported sales rose 9 percent in 2019, to over €12.4 billion ($13.78 bn).

According to the “2019 Facts And Figures” page on its website, Decathlon finished the year with 93,000 associates and 1,600 stores across 69 countries, including three new locations in the United States.

Among the highlights for 2019:

  • The company entered six countries in 2019: Ukraine, Japan, Vietnam, Algeria, Malta, Serbia;
  • In Germany, 16 new stores were added in 2019, bringing the total of German Decathlon stores to 80;
  • $555 million was invested by Decathlon in 2019;
  • Decathlon has 56,000 shareholder-employees across 44 countries;
  • Decathlon joined RE100, a global initiative by The Climate Group that unites 144 large, global businesses committed to using renewable electricity to accelerate the shift to a low carbon economy; and
  • Decathlon committed to sourcing 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2026 through the production and procurement of renewable energy. The company also released plans aimed at making 100 percent of the products it manufactures to conform to an Eco Design process by 2026.

In the U.S., Decathlon opened a laboratory store on San Francisco’s Market Street in late 2017, followed by a super-store in Emeryville, CA in the spring of 2019 and another large-scale store in San Francisco in late 2019. The brand now operates roughly 100,000 square feet in the San Francisco Bay Area with a plan to continue to expand brick & mortar storefronts.

“We believe in retail storefronts because they foster community engagement,” said Decathlon USA CEO Michel D’Humières, in a statement. “We believe in the transformative power of play, and want to be in the communities we serve. Despite global headwinds in retailing and an adverse environment especially here in the United States, we’re finding that our deep connection to communities and dedication to good corporate stewardship are resonant.”

D’Humières said sales in the U.S. are up 352 percent, bolstered by the introduction of two new stores and online sales and forecasts of sustained growth in revenue in 2020.

Photo courtesy Decathlon