Men’s apparel brand Dakota Grizzly announced that sales agency Zahalka Sports Marketing group will represent the company in the Upper Midwest region.

The territory they will represent is WI, MN, ND, SD, IA and IL. Dakota Grizzly continues to grow nationally in outdoor and men’s lifestyle specialty retail distribution.

“The thing I enjoy most about our work is the relationships we have with our store buyers and owners, as they are truly friendships,” said Rick Zahalka, co-owner of Zahalka Sports Marketing. “We look forward to introducing new products and educating them on how to present the brands to the consumers. We enjoy assisting retailers in a challenging retail world, having a few laughs and fun along the way, and working and travelling together.”

“We are excited about introducing the authenticity of a Midwest brand to Midwest retailers. We love the family history and culture at Dakota Grizzly,” said co-owner Joan Zahalka.