CrossFit announced the launch of CrossFit Precision Care, a primary care physician service developed by Dr. Julie Foucher and other CrossFit-trained doctors.

Doctors and health coaches from CrossFit Precision Care use genomic profiles, advanced labs and biomarkers to create health plans for consumers. The plan covers diet, sleep, exercise, chronic disease risk, and other areas.

The launch follows a recent survey of members of CrossFit’s members that indicated their top priority in selecting a healthcare provider is finding someone who understands their body and healthcare needs.

“You deserve healthcare as effective as your CrossFit training. CrossFit Precision Care delivers measurable repeatable results and is the perfect complement to your CrossFit training,” CrossFit CEO Eric Roza said. “CrossFit Precision Care offers a better model, in which each patient is treated as a unique human and participates in the development of a tailored plan to meet their health and fitness goals with doctors who also believe that CrossFit is central to health.”

“People shouldn’t be treated like their statistics in a ‘one size fits all’ model,” said Dr. Matt Dawson, MD, CEO, Wild Health, and co-founder, CrossFit Precision Care. “We’re all unique, with different genes, lifestyles and dreams. We should be treated as such, and CrossFit Precision Care’s genomics-based approach does just that to truly maximize human potential.”

Photo courtesy CrossFit Precision Care