AS of June 6, 2016, Brazil is currently the fourth country leading in the number of official CrossFit gyms, trailing the U.S., Canada and Australia.

“In spite of the economic crisis besetting this country, the number of official gyms just keeps on growing, thereby proving that this sport really is here to stay. In 2015 alone, there were more than 200 new affiliated centers in Brazil,” said Thales Antoniolli, organizer of the “CrossFit Brasil” Tournament.

This news comes as preparation for CrossFit Brasil Qualifying Finals gets underway. The event is set to begin June 11, 2016, acting as the regional qualifying events for the Torneio CrossFit Brasil (CrossFit Brasil Tournament)- the main event for this sport in the country.

The events are organized by CrossFit Brasil, with sponsorship from Reebok Brasil, For Time Fit Equipamentos and Progenex Suplementos.

There are 765 registered competitors, divided into 8 Regional Qualifying Finals.

Due to the increase in participants, the CrossFit Brasil Tournament will expand to include a group of 10 “Master” competitors over the age of 40, for both men and women. This new group will be classified by the General Ranking of the Qualifying Finals.

“Year by year, the technical level of the competitors keeps increasing, and it is becoming necessary for the loads and movements for these trials to be thought out very differently from last year,” said Joel Fridman, technical director of the event and owner of Brazil’s first affiliated gymnasium.

Created in m 1995 in the U.S., and brought to Brazil by Joel Fridman, CrossFit has gained popularity and now has more than 13 thousand gyms around the world, with more than 580 in Brazil.

Photo courtesy Torneio CrossFit Brasil