Crosman Corporation changed it European distribution strategy. The maker of air guns, archery products and optics will now locate it European hub in the Netherlands and use a third-party distributor rather than locating in Ireland.

After conferring with its customers and careful consideration, the company decided to centrally locate in the Netherlands, where ease of delivery both in and out of the warehouse is enhanced. The company says that the new location will streamline the order flow process and ensure product delivery within seven days to anywhere in Europe, fulfilling Crosman's global supply chain requirements. The new EDC will be operational in May, 2010.

According to Marc Miller, Crosman's international sales manager, Crosman's new location in the Netherlands will provide trans-continental logistics to the European marketplace with a more expansive and cost-effective product selection. It will also reduce transport costs, improve delivery times and provide efficiency in inventory management. “This new distribution hub underscores our commitment to enhancing service to our European customers,” he said. “Rather than simply providing our standard air rifle, the new EDC will inventory product with multiple joules, allowing us to offer a larger assortment of goods to markets with differing requirements. In short, we're able to maintain our management strategy, having the right product available and that it is delivered efficiently into each European market.”

Says Crosman's European agent/sales manager Martin Stelling, “The future looks promising for Crosman in Europe. With the consolidation of distribution channels and the large number of new products being launched this year, Crosman is poised for unprecedented growth and enhanced service for its European customers. I am particularly excited,” he said, “about the creation of the Game Face Airsoft division. The new automatic electric airsoft carbines, as well as the first-ever Verdict Marking BBs, have generated a great deal of excitement already. In the airgun category, Crosman's new Nitro Piston technology for break barrels air rifles is causing quite a stir.”