The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) released its 2016 Call to Action to its 10,000 member and other professional organizations, recommending a series of action steps for groups working with older adults to help make the 2020-2030 decade a success for active aging individuals.

The Decade of Healthy Aging 2020-2030 was created by the World Health Organization as a time to encourage every country to take action and implement a “Global Strategy on Aging and Health.”

“The focus is on developing plans to maximize the functional ability of every person, to create age-friendly environments and to align health systems with the needs of older populations,” the ICAA said in a statement.

CEO Colin Milner added, “By working with our global community of allies who support the Decade of Healthy Aging, we will only strengthen our impact. Most importantly, we will change lives.”

Some of the recommended action steps in the Call to Action include educating the public and older adults about the relationship of their lifestyle choices, implementing partnerships that can enhance the functional abilities of older adults, expanding the physical dimension of wellness to include evidence-based nutrition, among others.

The ICAA Call to Action is available on the ICAA website: