Cotopaxi named Lindsay Shumlas in a new combined CFO and COO role, a first for the company. Shumlas takes the COO reins from Cotopaxi executive Stephan Jacob, who has held the title for ten years since co-founding the brand in 2014 with Board Chair Davis Smith.

Shumlas joins the company from previous CFO/COO and CEO positions at Manhattan Beachwear and Vici. Her experience in developing and implementing “functional strategies” for finance, IT, operations, and legal reportedly “lend themselves well to Cotopaxi’sCotopaxi’s growth trajectory.”

The company said in a release that Shumlas has a “reputation as a dynamic leader with strengths in strategy execution, team building, structured problem solving, and quantitative analysis.”

As the new CFO and COO, Shumlas will play a key role in strengthening the “connectivity between the company’s finance and operational teams.” Her leadership will be instrumental in enhancing efficiency and driving growth strategy forward.

Shumlas said she “joined Cotopaxi largely because of the brand’s incredible mission and growth trajectory.”

“I am personally extremely passionate about Cotopaxi’s purpose-led model and the opportunities for the development of impact-focused brands to reach people across the world as a positive force and aspirational company,” Shumlas continued.

The company also reported that co-founder Jacob moved into his new role as chief technology and business development officer, with a concerted focus on long-term international growth development. 

The brand reportedly has its sights set on becoming a “veritable global force for good, positioning its social, humanitarian and environmental efforts at the epicenter of its expansion strategy under Jacob’s direction.”

“As we look toward the future, Cotopaxi is poised to become the leading impact-driven global outdoor brand,” said CEO Damien Huang. “As such, we are investing in next-generation talent and aligning skill sets with our opportunities to help chart a course forward. This includes the appointment of Lindsay in this exciting new role that leverages her immense experience and strengths, and looking to Stephan to put the founder hat back on and define and lead our international growth strategy.”

Shumlas is based in Newport Beach, CA.

Images courtesy Cotopaxi