Cotopaxi, the burgeoning hipster outdoor apparel company synonymous with its urban scavenger hunt Questival events, is taking its iconic llama insignia to the next level.

In the new unisex Kusa Jacket, $200, revolutionary llama fleece insulation offers a fresh spin on traditional synthetics and down. According to Cotopaxi, llama wool offers a 40- to 50-degree comfort range, versus 15- to 20-degree ranges offered by synthetic layers. Hollow fibers in this unique, and highly Cotopaxi-eque, material also keep the jacket light and quick-drying.

The Kusa comes in full and half-zip and will be the first ever llama-insulated jacket produced by Cotopaxi.

“We partnered with a factory that is an expert in down and insulation and worked closely with them to make sure we would not have to sacrifice any design goals in order to successfully use this insulation.”

– Cheri Sanguinetti, Cotopaxi Apparel Director


Hannah Wing, copywriting intern at Cotopaxi said, “Llamas have been integral to Cotopaxi since its inception. Rugged, amiable, and adventurous, these quirky animals embody the Cotopaxi spirit, and we incorporate them into our designs whenever we can. So, when we discovered the array of benefits llama wool offers as insulation, we knew we had to pursue this underutilized material for our apparel line.”

And despite its novelty to the U.S. outdoor industry, llama fleece has been used for more than 6,000 years in the Andes region of South America, the brand asserted. Characteristics of the material mean no clumping over time, insulation even when wet and natural wind-blocking fibers.

The Kusa Jacket is offered for men and women in two colors, Slate/Bronze and Phantom/Raven.

Photo courtesy Cotopaxi