The Conservation Alliance sent grants totaling $879,000 to 22 organizations working to protect wild places throughout North America. This is the organization’s single largest grant disbursal since The Conservation Alliance was founded in 1989. The grants put the organization on track to contribute $1.9 million in 2018, another record.

The Conservation Alliance membership includes more than 220 outdoor and related businesses that come together around a shared purpose to protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values. Each member company contributes annual dues to a central grant fund.

The list is HERE.

“Our membership continues to grow, enabling us to support 22 important land and water conservation projects in this grants cycle,” said John Sterling, executive director of The Conservation Alliance. “Thanks to the generous support of our members, we’re on track to award a record $1.9 million in 2018.”

Each project funded during this grant cycle was nominated to submit a grant proposal by a Conservation Alliance member company. The Conservation Alliance staff and board evaluated 60 proposals and placed 25 projects on a ballot. The 22 grants awarded in this grant cycle represent the projects that received the most votes from Conservation Alliance member company employees. Collectively, these projects seek to protect more than ten million acres, 739 river miles, and remove five dams. The grants cover projects in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Of the 22 organizations received funding from The Conservation Alliance for the first time: Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – British Columbia; Crested Butte Land Trust; John Muir Land Trust and Sierra Forest Legacy.

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