Two new concussion lawsuits have been filed against the NFL. The first suit includes 42 former players and 23 spouses. The named players include Leroy Kelly, a Hall of Fame running back, and former Philadelphia Eagles Britt Hager, Keith Byars, Brian Baldinger, Mike Schad, Brad Quast, and Michael Pitts. Other players named in the suit include Daniel Stubbs, Rodney Bellinger, John Avery, Douglas Skene, Warren Bankston, Joe Cocozzo, and 29 other players.

The suit charges that the NFL intentionally and fraudulently misrepresented and/or concealed medical evidence about the short and long-term risks regarding repetitive traumatic brain injury and concussions and failed to warn players that they risked permanent brain damage if they returned to play too soon after sustaining a concussion.

“Competition is healthy, but you have to be healthy to compete. I have an extremely strong opinion about the concussion issue – When I look back I had numerous concussions and I was sent back out to play. If we only knew then what we know now,” said Seth Joyner, a former linebacker in the National Football League for the Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos.

“The NFL knew about the debilitating and permanent effects of head injuries and concussions that regularly occur among professional players, yet ignored and actively concealed the risks,” said attorney Gene Locks. “And these players' problems don't just impact themselves — they affect their wives, their children and their families as well as their ability to earn a living because many are nowhere close to being able to retire.”

Craig Mitnick, co-counsel to Locks said “one player summed it all up well by saying: 'My wife reminds me regularly that my memory is getting worse, but I disagree with her. I guess I disagree because I don't want to believe that my life as I know it is slowly passing me by'.”

Mitnick said, “This suit is long overdue. The NFL had an obligation to its players and they failed miserably.”

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